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Financed by Portuguese Carbon Fund

To contribute to an increase of the resilience of Mozambique against the impacts of climate change with the implementation of specific adaptation measures identified through community based consultation processes.

the project

 This project focuses on the implementation of community adaptation plans of action (PACAs) addressing the impacts of climate change, through the simplified application of participatory budgeting processes to identify local mechanisms to tackle variability and the design and implementation of local activities to strengthen resilience mechanisms. The project emphasizes community based adaptation strategies in the sustainable management of their livelihoods.



The implementation of these plans may target greater availability of food and agricultural products, wider and better access to water for both domestic and irrigation uses, establishment of sustainable alternative forms of income for local communities and the implementation of early warning systems for extreme weather events (among other identified priorities for/by the communities concerned).

The project started in November 2013 and ends in December 2016. It consists of three activities.


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Inês Mourão
General Coordination and Technical Assistance
Project management, coordination of cross-cutting technical assistance teams and review of outcomes. CAOS
Ivete Maibaze
National Coordination in Mozambique
Assists in planning and coordinates the national team and executes project’s activities. Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER)
Gonçalo Cavalheiro
Technical Assistance
Technical assistance and transversal assistance for all projects and the national teams, supporting tasks and evaluating their results. CAOS
Joana Magalhães
Project Assistance
Assists in the planning, operation and monitoring of projects, acting as permanent point of contact between the general coordination and the national teams. CAOS
PlanºC is a response to the two faces of climate change: acting simultaneously on its causes and consequences, both by building capacity for a low carbon and resilient development as by implementing concrete actions in the most vulnerable communities. CAOS could not fail to meet this challenge, being part of the solution. Inês Mourão
These projects are of great importance specially in a time where a new global agreement on climate change is being negociated and where Portugal, in the context of the European Union has advocated a global participation.
Camões Institute fully supports these projects because in the context of cooperation policy for development, the strengthening of resilience to environmental impacts and climate change and its mitigation are essential to the success of corporate policies and to fight against global poverty.
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